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What is Mobile Mystery Shopping?

Mobile Mystery Shopping enables restaurants to co-create outstanding dining experiences with their customers. Through smartphone technology and crowdsourcing, restaurant managers dine along with their patrons, as they offer feedback on menus, staff, facilities, and cuisine.
Field Agent Restaurant Mobile Mystery Shopping Solutions - Check Restaurant Conditions

Restaurant Conditions

Ensure neat and sanitary restaurant conditions

Field Agent Restaurant Mobile Mystery Shopping Solutions - Menu Review

Menu Review

Obtain feedback on menu items and prices

Field Agent Restaurant Mobile Mystery Shopping Solutions - Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Ask guests about their attitudes and behaviors

Field Agent Restaurant Mobile Mystery Shopping Solutions - Wait Times

Wait Times

Monitor restaurant and food prep wait times

Field Agent Restaurant Mobile Mystery Shopping Solutions - Staff Reviews

Staff Reviews

Gauge the performance of restaurant staff

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Girl in Restaurant on iPhone Mobile Mystery Shopping

Case Study: ONYX Coffee Labs

Field Agent sent Agents to a coffee shop to document their experiences and offer feedback
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Field Agent Mobile Audits and Mobile Market Research

Client Quotes

Getting a true experience from the customer is much different than myself going to a coffee shop, whether it's my own shop or someone else's. I'm viewing that as a business owner in the industry, and having the slate wiped clean and someone come in to tell me how they felt afterwards in really valuable.
I can see a benefit with not just expansion, but within our distribution outreach and finding new areas to grow.
Our most valuable thing becomes time because we live at our stores or at our work. So being able to work when not working, is maybe the biggest upside I can think of.
With Field Agent, we suddenly had access to market research we couldn't afford before
Field Agent - Buffalo Wild Wings
Field Agent - Little Caesars
Field Agent - Onyx Coffee Lab
Field Agent - Taco Bell

How Field Agent Works

Field Agent - How It Works

Identify your business problem and quickly build out your survey or audit in our do-it-yourself system. Choose the locations you'd like to target and how many responses you'd like to gather. Launch your job across the U.S. to over 900,000 Agents. The data is collected in hours and days rather than weeks and months! With each approved response, see real-time data populate in your account. 


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