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Mobile Audits Offer In-Store Visibility

Mobile Audits provide a direct link to stores throughout the country. By crowdsourcing hundreds of thousands of smartphones, Mobile Audits capture photos, video, and information inside stores to enhance an agency's retail awareness and to provide a solid basis for client recommendations.
Below are just some Mobile Audit solutions. Contact us to learn other ways we help agencies build their authority.

Mobile Audits - Display Execution

Display Execution

Observe displays, signage, and other point of purchase marketing inside stores
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Mobile Audits - Out of Stocks

Out of Stocks

Monitor on-shelf availability and out-of-stocks across the country
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Mobile Audits - Price Checks

Price Checks

Track prices on products and brands at retail locations everywhere
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Mobile Audits - Planogram Compliance

Planogram Compliance

Determine the acutal and optimal placement of products on shelves 
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Mobile Research Offers In the Moment Insights

Mobile Research is a fast, affordable way for agencies to build their knowledge of consumers. Through smartphone technology and crowdsourcing, Mobile Research captures in the moment insights, virtually anywhere, anytime. 
Below are just some Mobile Research solutions. Contact us to learn other ways we help agencies build their authority.
Mobile Research - Mobile Surveys


Collect timely insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors
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Mobile Research - Shopalongs


Connect with shoppers as they're in stores making purchase decisions
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Mobile Research - In Home Use Tests (IHUT)


Go inside homes to see how customers use and respond to your client's products
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Mobile Research - Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Experience your client's business as only a customer can
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Serve Your Clients through Field Agent's Mobile Platform

Add value to your service offerings by harnessing Field Agent's mobile auditing and research capabilities. We'll work with you to discover the best ways to serve your unique client base, so you can keep them coming back for more.

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Collect Information from YOUR Team of Contractors or Employees

Private Crowd, powered by Field Agent, puts you in control of managing widely-dispersed contractors or employees. Utilize Field Agent’s powerful mobile platform to monitor your team’s performance, and constantly stay in the loop on your own private reporting dashboard.

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Launch Projects & Gather Insights from Your Own Platform

The Field Agent API lets you set up jobs, manage templates, launch jobs, and retrieve results on your own dashboard or platform...quickly and easily through the Field Agent system.

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