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QuickShops: Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes you need a mystery shop…but you don't really need a mystery shop. We get it. Field Agent designed the QuickShop as a faster, simpler alternative to traditional mystery shopping. Think QuickShop when you need to assess the quality of your in-store offerings and operations, but a full-blown mystery shop feels excessive. QuickShops will get you in the game for less time, money, and effort.

The QuickShop - "When Less is More"

See how we used QuickShops to assess quality at 180 popular casual dining restaurants.

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Walk a Mile in Your Customer's Shoes

Who better to comment on the customer's experience than the customer? Field Agent utilizes your customers' smartphones to collect video, photos, and a variety of insights, all while they're in your facilities and interacting with your staff and products. So you can see as the customer sees.

Consider the Mobile Difference

Benefit 1 = Fast


Mobile Display Audits are fast and can often produce results in a matter of hours. Think mobile for instant in-store visibility. Anywhere, anytime.
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Benefit 2 = Easy


Be in stores without leaving your chair. With Mobile Audits, information about your in-store displays comes to you, so you can monitor your POP marketing with ease. 
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Benefit 3 = Affordable


Mobile Display Audits combine the efficiencies of smartphone technology and crowdsourcing to collect in-store information more affordably.
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QuickShop White Paper

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How Field Agent Works

Field Agent How It Works

Identify your business problem and quickly build out your survey or audit in our do-it-yourself system. Choose the locations you'd like to target and how many responses you'd like to gather. Launch your job across the U.S. to over 900,000 Agents. The data is collected in hours and days rather than weeks and months! With each approved response, see real-time data populate in your account. 


Awards & Memberships

MRMW Mobile Agency of the Year
Mobile Marketing Research Association
MSPA North America Member
Feedspot - Top 10 Market Research Blogs

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