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Clients of all sizes depend on Field Agent's suite of retail solutions, from small family businesses to the world's largest retailers and brands. These products are designed to help you win at retail. From store audits to shopper insights, product demos to online ratings and reviews, there's a solution to solve every retail challenge.
See for yourself how our clients have found success with Field Agent. And, when you're ready, book a free demo of our new platform using the calendar below.

Digital Demo helped get new dairy-free yogurt in shoppers' hands. The brand saw a notable increase in dollar share in the yogurt category.

With Digital Demo, Kraft Heinz sold thousands of units of a new product nationwide, with 96% of purchases coming from first-time customers.

Learn how Anheuser-Busch discovered an alternative to traditional sampling programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Buy & Try helped Red Thread Coffee skip their cold-brew winter sales dip, drive trial, and get rapid in-store visibility - all at a fraction of the usual cost.

The perfect combination of Digital Demo and Ratings & Reviews ensured a successful product launch for Veggies Made Great.

Ratings & Reviews by Field Agent helped a specialty salsa company boost their online shopper engagement. Fast.

Digital Demo helped one frozen foods brand boost awareness and sales of its meat lasagna.
A single Mobile Audit equipped My Brother's Salsa with photos and information from 200 stores across nine different grocery retailers nationwide.