On-Demand Sales. And More.

With marketing solutions by Field Agent, a sale is just the beginning. How do you want to harness sales: customer feedback, ratings and reviews, or digital content? It's your call.

Digital Demo

Get high-quality, online content, including inbound links, SEO, custom photos, and social sharing.

Ratings and reviews

Generate fresh, authentic ratings and reviews posted to the e-commerce site of your choice.

Buy & Try

Gather feedback from actual customers to improve shopping, product, and customer experiences.


Drive Trial for a Variety of Products

There's a new way to demo new products. Never has it been easier to get products into shoppers' hands, especially those hard-to-demo items.

Have shoppers go to your retailer of choice, purchase any grocery item, and try it at home.

Send beauty products flying off the shelf, all while gathering authentic feedback on these hard-to-demo products.

Give your shopper a chance to experience cleaning supplies where it matters most...at home.

Treat shoppers to your new beverage concept or get an older product into new hands.

No product category is out of reach for our Marketing Solutions. Create an account to get started.

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