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Truly In-the-Moment Insights

Smartphones have revolutionized market research. Unlike traditional methods, our platform specializes in meeting customers where they are. Our insights products provide access to real shoppers doing what they do best.

From store aisles to living rooms, we capture location-based, in-the-moment insights, so you can win more sales.

Mystery Shopping

Understand shopping experiences from the customer viewpoint.

New product

Capture authentic customer perspectives about your products.

Concept Testing

Get context-rich customer feedback about new product and service concepts.

Shelf Evaluation

Go along with shoppers as they make in-store purchase decisions.

Retail Shelf Sets

See rival brands or retailers through the customer's eyes.


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Insights for Everyone

The Field Agent platform collects insights across all industries and categories. If you need consumer insights or customer feedback, we've got you covered. Simply create your free account to get started with a custom project.


Grow your brand by gaining clarity around shopper attitudes and behaviors.

See your stores through the shopper's eyes, and get an edge on the competition.

Collect insights on-premise, in-store, or anywhere your beverages are found.

Better serve clients by building your knowledge and expertise about shoppers.

Keep your guests coming back by understanding the full customer experience.

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