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With operations in 7 countries and growing, Field Agent offers fast, affordable Mobile Audits and Research on a global scale. We call this combination of mobile solutions and global coverage the "globile" difference, and it's a major reason multinational companies look to us for far-reaching, cohesive information and insights from around the world.    

Is Your Brand Global, Too?

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Global Case Studies

Discover how to leverage our international capabilities with the resources and cases below

Take Your Mobile Global

Based on data from an actual study of over 2,000 shoppers in seven countries, this case study demonstrates various ways companies benefit from using an international mobile solution-provider for their in-store audit and consumer research needs. Click here to download the case study.

Improving the Checkout Process Internationally with Field Agent

Checkout Process

We surveyed over 2,000 shoppers across seven countries to determine what checkout improvements stores could make to entice more shopper spending. Click here to read more.

Impulse Purchases around the Globe and what Field Agent can do

Impulse Purchases

We recently conducted a global survey of over 2,000 shoppers. We wanted to understand the propensity of shoppers around the world for making impulse buys during the checkout process. Click here to read more.

How it Works


Mobile Audits and Research harness the combined power of smartphone technology and crowdsourcing to streamline the collection of business information and consumer insights.

Quality Control

Technology is no substitute for tried-and-true methodology. Field Agent is first and foremost a business solutions firm. We use technology to collect information and insights more efficiently, without sacrificing quality. 


The results are in! What now? Make the most of your data with Field Agent’s analytics tools and reporting services.


Client Quotes

“I would absolutely recommend Field Agent. It has been a great resource for me. It sets me up for success with my buyers and internally with my organization because I can provide results quickly and really clearly show them what’s going on.”

Alisha Sutton - National Account Manager, Clif Bar

“What Field Agent provided not only was the timeliness of the data, but it was very comprehensive. We got pictures back of store sets - the pictures provided additional insights and things we learned that we didn’t even know."

Doug Woodward - VP of Sales, Dean Foods

“Being able to bring in Field Agent to collaborate on different special projects is very key, and those insights we’ve learned from that have been very helpful in our creation of different items that we can go forward with."

Chad Hatfield - Senior Vice President, Whalen Furniture, Inc

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