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Take Control of Your Retail Execution

Field Agent click-and-launch audits make it easier and faster than ever to collect images and information at-retail. So you always know what’s happening in-store and across the omnichannel landscape.

Try it out. It’ll take less than 5 minutes to launch a Field Agent audit on the Plum Marketplace.

Display Audits

Verify product displays and in-store marketing are being properly executed.

Price Checks

Maximize in-store sales by ensuring your products are correctly priced.

On-Shelf Availability

Monitor on-shelf availability of your products and avoid costly out-of-stocks.

Item Checkup

Give products a leg up by making sure they're merchandised correctly.


Solve your unique problems by filling out a Custom Project request in the platform.


Retail Audits for Your Business

Field Agent's suite of retail audits bridge the gap between headquarters and widely-dispersed retail operations, offering brands an efficient way to see inside stores everywhere.

After all, you can't fix what you can't see.

Don't lose a single sale to improper retail execution; be where your products are.

Inside, outside, and all around, see your stores as they appear on the ground.

On-shelf or on-display, ensure your beverages are being merchandised correctly.

Build your knowledge of retail conditions and operations, without leaving the office.

See exactly what the guest sees; confirm your restaurant's marketing compliance 24/7.

Hear from an Audit Customer

Case Study

How One Brand Got the Scoop on Retail Conditions

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