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Mobile Audits Offer In-Store Visibility

Mobile Audits remove any guesswork from retail by verifying plans are carried out correctly. Through smartphone technology and crowdsourcing, Mobile Audits reduce the distance between headquarters and stores throughout the country, so retailers never lose sight of their operations.
Mobile Audits - Display Execution

Display Execution

Verify product displays and signage are being properly executed
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Mobile Audits - Out of Stocks

Out of Stocks

Monitor on-shelf availability of products and avoid costly out-of-stocks
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Mobile Audits - Price Checks

Price Checks

Maximize sales by ensuring your products are correctly priced
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Mobile Audits - Planogram Compliance

Planogram Compliance

Safeguard products against poor and improper on-shelf placement
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Mobile Research Offers In The Moment Insights

Mobile Research Offers In the Moment Insights

Mobile Research takes you inside the mind of shoppers as they navigate store aisles. By harnessing smartphone technology and crowdsourcing, Mobile Research collects information about shopper attitudes and behaviors at the most critical moment: while they’re in your stores.
Mobile Research - Mobile Surveys


Collect timely insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors
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Mobile Research - Shopalongs


Connect with shoppers as they're in stores making purchase decisions
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Mobile Research - In Home Use Tests (IHUT)

Buy & Try

Go inside homes to see how customers use and respond to your products
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Mobile Research - Mystery Shopping


Experience your business as only a customer can 
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