Harness the Power of the Crowd


Obtain information by enlisting the services of a number of people and their smartphones

Mobile Technology

The big idea: Shoppers are everywhere and have powerful devices to use for gathering information

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Design Project

From in-store audits to in-home consumer research, Field Agent serves companies with a wide variety of location-specific solutions.


Gather Real-Time Data

Crowdsourcing generates fast answers to pressing business questions. We display results through an online dashboard as they're collected. No wait. 

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Analyze Results

Have it your way. Clients can view results through their own online dashboard, download results in various formats, and even order a customized report.

Field Agent Crowdsourcing Mobile Audits and Mobile Research

Technology is No Substitute for Tried-and-True Audit & Research Methodology

Field Agent is first and foremost a business solutions firm. We use cutting-edge technology to collect information and insights more efficiently, without sacrificing quality. All data collected by our agents passes through a series of quality control checkpoints, including smartphone, multimedia, and human safeguards.

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Smartphone Safeguards

Smartphones are equipped with built-in QC safeguards such as the ability to furnish GPS markers and time-date stamps. We know the exact time and location of all submissions.
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Multimedia Safeguards

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and photo/video verification helps us further ensure the compliance, accuracy, and quality of agent submissions.
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Human Safeguards

Human analysts place eyes on every piece of information collected through the Field Agent app. Reliable solutions come first; technology second.
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Personal Dashboard

Personal Dashboard

Your window to a world of information and insights

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Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Custom-built reporting options to suit your exact needs 

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