How It Works

Connecting Brands to Shoppers and Stores

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Completely on demand.

Fast, Affordable Retail Technology

Harnessing smartphones across the country, the Field Agent platform bridges the gap between you and your customers.


Pre-built for cost and speed, our core products were created to solve retail's most common problems.


The custom job request tool makes it easier than ever to get your project off the ground.


Collected Through the App

The platform mobilizes over a million shoppers (we call them agents) through the Field Agent app to complete tasks, try new products, and provide insights where it matters most.

Launch a job in the platform and let our agents do the rest.

get access to your shoppers

What You Get

Because of safeguards like GPS-verification, time-date stamps, and a rigorous QC process, you know it’s data you can trust.







Product Trial

Product Trial

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Repurchase Info

Repurchase Info

How it works - Results

Real-Time, Actionable Results

Once a submission is approved, the data is routed back to an interactive results screen. Get a big picture view of what's happening and use filters to drill down to the product level, store level, and more. The interactive response map makes it easy to see what's happening at a specific store.

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