What is a Digital Demo?

Through the Field Agent mobile app, Digital Demos mobilize real shoppers to buy, try, write about, and even share about specific products from specific retailers. An alternative to traditional product demonstrations, Digital Demos drive product trial, track repeat purchase, and generate positive word-of-mouth.    

Sending Specific People

Target Specific Shoppers

To Buy Your Product

To Buy Your Product

Into Any Store in America

From Specific Retailers

And Write & Share About It Online

To Share About It Online

Traditional Demos VS Digital Demos

Store Limitations

Store Limitations

Traditional demos are limited to certain stores and areas. Digital Demos drive trial through practically any store, website, or app—anywhere.

Minimal Timeframe

Minimal Timeframe

Traditional demos are limited by retailer hours, plans, and commitments. Digital Demos can drive sales any time, on any day.

Only a Sample

Only a Sample

Traditional demos give away free samples. Digital Demos enlist shoppers to buy entire products, even products difficult to sample.

How Digital Demos Work

We target your shoppers

1. We target your shoppers

With over one million U.S. shoppers on the Field Agent app, we'll target your core customer to purchase your product.

They buy your products

2. They buy your products

Shoppers then purchase your product from a specified brick-and-mortar or online retailer, verifying their purchases through photos. 

Shoppers try it out, then write it up

3. Shoppers try it out, then write it up

Shoppers now try the product at home, where they also answer questions and write about their experiences with the product.

We publish an article

4. We publish an article

For product ratings of 7 or higher, shoppers' answers are styled into a high-quality digital article with custom photography and design.

They share on social

5. They share on social

Shoppers are sent their articles and encouraged to share them with friends and family through their personal social media accounts.

We track repurchase

6. We track repurchase

We followup to ask whether shoppers repurchased your product. If they did, we collect proof of purchase. If they didn't, we try to understand why not.    

Digital Demo

We Make Products Look Good

After our verified buyers write about your products, our creative team goes to work producing articles you can be proud of.

The articles are shared on either Aisle 9 (for women) or Product 1 (for men). 


Aisle 9



Product 1


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