Buy & Try


Go Beyond Driving Trial

Field Agent Dashboard Results

A Buy & Try enlists real shoppers to purchase your products in-store or online to try them at home. Throughout the process, Field Agent gathers valuable, in-the-moment feedback about merchandising, shopping experiences, product usage, and even repurchase, all from the customer perspective, all to help you drive future sales.

How It Works

Accepts job

Targeted shopper accepts job in the Field Agent app

Specific stores

Shopper purchases product at specified store (in-store, online, or in-app), and answers questions about their shopping experience

Try at home

Shopper tries product at home

Shopper rates product

Shopper answers questions about product experience

Repurchase rate

Field Agent tracks repurchase weeks following program completion

What You Get

Merchandising Feedback

Category Feedback

Join customers as they shop for your products in-store or online, and determine how to improve your retail execution

Product Feedback

Product Feedback

Be with customers as they try your products to see how they’re meeting, exceeding, or—gulp—falling short of expectations

Retention Feedback

Retention Feedback

Follow-up with customers to learn whether or not they repurchased your product and why...or why not