On-Shelf Availability

Because You Can't Sell What Isn't There

They say showing up is at least half the battle, something especially true for the retail industry. Products, after all, don’t always show up on store shelves. Every day, companies lose valuable sales to out-of-stocks and poor on-shelf availability.

OSA Audits by Field Agent quell this fear by providing companies direct visibility into stores and onto shelves, anywhere your products are (supposed to be) sold.

Launching an OSA Audit is Quick and Easy

Just enter a little information about your product, and you'll start seeing items on-shelf within hours or even minutes.

On-Shelf Availability Audits

How OSA Audits Work

OSA Audits crowdsource the smartphones of everyday shoppers to gather photos and information about on-shelf conditions and product availability inside stores everywhere.

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OSA in the Age of COVID-19

We've seen the retail landscape change tremendously in 2020. See how one company discovered the effect of the pandemic on OSA for disinfectants.

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